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'The Garden Isle'

The natural beauty of Kauai and the laid back atmosphere are the two most powerful draws to this Island. Such things as the scenic Napili Coast, the awe inspiring views at Waimea Canyon, the lush tropical vegetation, cascading waterfalls and towering green mountains create a photographer's delight. It is easy to see why this island was chosen for the exotic location of many movies, including Jurassic Park, South Pacific, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Blue Hawaii, Six Days-Seven Nights, and the tv series Fantasy Island.

Although the "Garden Isle" has some of the most lush vegetation among the islands, you can find a variety of climates here, just as on all the islands. We have damp tropical rainforests in the north, 5,148 foot Mt Wai'ale'ale which is the wettest spot on earth in central Kauai, and a sunny dry climate suitable for even cactus in south Kauai, with many variations of climate in between.
Due to a combination of sunny weather and beautiful beaches, the south coast centered around Poipu has become a major tourist destination with many hotels and condos available as vacation rentals, but there are also many other areas equally nice for a variety of different reasons.

Kauai map

What to see and do on Kauai?

Drive around the island - you will find scenic beauty at every turn in a great variety of landscapes. There is only a small section of the island along the Na Pali Coast which keeps you from circumnavigating along the entire coastline. A few of the scenic wonders you can see are listed below.

Waimea Canyon - has been called the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific", and it is indeed a grand sight as you drive from the south shore along the rim road into the interior. The canyon was formed by the heavy rains high in the interior which over the millennium eroded the flanks of the volcano. Deep valleys were created exposing layers of brightly colored rock. There are hiking trails above and through the valley.

Koke'e State Park - located 4,000 feet high the Park encompasses 4,345 acres and contains 45 miles of trails. Along the drive through the Park you have spectacular views of Kalalau Valley and Waimea Canyon. It can be cool up there, so bring along some warm clothing just in case.

Na Pali Coast- as you travel around the northern end of the island, the end of the road marks the beginning of the Na Pali Coastline. It is accessible only by boat, helicopter, or along the spectacular Kalalua trail carved out along the cliffs by the ancient Hawaiians. No matter how you see it, you are rewarded with remote waterfalls, magnificent cliffs, and pristine beaches in an area known the world over for it's incredible rugged beauty.

Hiking in Kauai - As described above, the Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon and Koke'e State Park offer some of the best hiking you can find anywhere, ranging from easy to the most strenuous. The Na Pali trail head is at the end of the road on the north side of the island. You can day hike to Hanakapiai Beach or do a slightly longer hike into Hanakapiai Falls. Hikes longer than that require a permit for overnight camping because of the length and time required.
In Koke'e State Park there are numerous trails through the mountain country where you can see plant and animal life found nowhere else, and enjoy vast panoramic views.

National Tropical Botanical Garden - the only tropical botanical garden in the US to be chartered by Congress. Located beneath the cliffs that form Lawai Valley, the grounds are brightly colored with a multitude of plants and flowers. You can also see ancient Hawaiian stone walls and taro terraces.
The grounds consist of the 252 acre McBryde Gardens which are self guided and require no reservations, and the 100 acre Allerton Gardens for which you must book a guided tour.

Beaches - Deciding which beaches to visit might be your most challenging daily task, as you will find some of the best beaches in all of Hawaii here. There are swimming beaches, snorkeling beaches, shelling beaches, sunset beaches, and beaches with lots of activity, and beaches where you can be very alone. See our section on Kauai Beaches for lots more information about the best Kauai beaches and snorkel spots.

Boating and Sailing cruises - there are several companies which offer boating and sailing in Kauai's off shore waters and along the Na Pali Coastline. You have a wide range of choice from big game sport fishing to dinner cruises in large catamarans to rafting expeditions to sunset sails and snorkeling cruises. No matter which type of boating adventure you go out on, you are likely to spot spinner dolphins, sea turtles, whales and flying fish.

Scuba diving- in Kauai's clean clear offshore waters attracts people from around the world. There is a dive shop in almost every town on the island, so you have lots of choice for dive locations, rental gear, air and instruction. Scuba lessons and certification are available for the beginner. Excellent shore diving can be done from many locations around the island. There is a completely different world awaiting you under the water, so go see it now!

Surfing - there are areas for surfing on Kauai suitable for beginner up to expert. On the north shore, the winter is the high-surf season, and in the summer the best surfing is often found on the south side near Poipu Beach and along the west shore beaches. Surfing lessons are available from a number of small companies.

Wind and Kite Surfing - is a fun sport no matter if you are doing it or just watching it. The strong trade winds make many areas of Kauai a windsurfer's paradise. Anini Beach Park and Kalapaki Beach are both good places for windsurfing. For the more advanced, Haena Beach on the north shore is a great windsurfing spot. Lessons are available from several champion surfers.

Kayaking - can be enjoyed on both the ocean and in several rivers. Kauai has the only navigable rivers in Hawaii due to the large amount of rainfall in the mountains. The ocean kayaking is at it's best in the summer months when the ocean is more calm. There are several businesses which rent kayaks, and several tour companies.
On the East shore, the Wailua River is the most popular kayaking area with both guided and self-guided trips available. Guided trips can be made up the Hulei'a River in Lihue through the wildlife refuge, and past the Menehune Fish Pond. Self-guided Kayaking with car top carriers may also be found on the Kalihiwai River and the Hanalei Rivers to the North. The most exciting kayaking is along the Na Pali coast which is offered by several tour companies.

Golfing - on one of Kauai's Beautiful Courses.
Kauai has a limited number of golf courses, but they are some of the best in the world designed by such course architects as Robert Trent Jones, Jr.and Jack Nicklaus. The Poipu Bay Resort Golf Course is home to the PGA Tour's Grand Slam of Golf each fall, featuring the winners of golf's four majors.

Horseback Riding - is available from one of several riding stables on Kauai. You can see some of the remote areas of the island, and let the horse do the walking! In the Poipu area trail rides along the shores of remote Maha’ulepu coastline are offered. On the North shore there are two stables in the Princeville area offering trail rides through Kaua’i's back country or to a private waterfall, for a picnic and a swim.

Bird Watching - on Kauai is a treat with so many unusual and endangered birds to see such as albatross, shearwater, the Hawaiian nene goose, and the white owl. Koke'e Museum offers native bird-watching hikes, and the Kilauea Lighthouse Refuge and nearby Hanalei Valley Game Refuge are shelter to many species.

Helicopter tours - are the only way most people will be able to see the magnificent beauty of Kauai's rugged and remote interior, and there are few experiences that can match it. Some of Kauai's most beautiful sights are only available from the air.
Tours leave from the Port Allen Heliport and the main Lihue Airport. Typical tours include the Waimea Canyon, Napali Coastline and Valleys and return over the north and interior sections of the island. It is best to book early in your vacation so in case of bad weather conditions you can reschedule for later.

And MUCH more - this has only been a little taste of what sights, adventures and pleasures await you on Kauai. There is not room here to tell you about everything, you'll have to go and discover the rest for yourself.

Popular Kauai Resorts

While rental homes are a great lodging choice, some people may prefer traditional accommodations such as a hotel or resort. Since I live on Kauai, I can give you a bit of insight into these. My favorite resort on the North Shore is Hanalei Bay Resort, the condos at Puu Poa would be a close second. On the East Side, I highly recommend Kauai Beach Resort. On the South Side in Poipu Resort my favorite place to stay is the Lawai Beach Resort. This condominium complex is located oceanfront, next to Prince Kuhio beach and my favorite restaurant on the island, The Beach House. Other good alternative are Poipu Kai and the Nihi Kai Villas.

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