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Beaches on Lanai

There are several nice beaches on Lanai, but most of them require a four-wheel drive in order to get to them. They all offer beautiful scenery, wonderful views, excellent beachcombing, pleasant walking, hiking and beachcombing, but the only real swimming beach is Hulopo’e Beach. If you are the adventurous type though, exploring the Island and it’s beaches can be a fun experience, and many times you will have the beach all to yourself, or perhaps share it with a fisherman or two. Lanai also has some of the very best snorkeling and dive sites you will find in the Islands with a better chance of seeing the larger species of fish.

We will start at the bottom of this map, at the most popular beach which is Hulopoe Beach.

Lanai Beach Nestled below the luxurious Manele Bay Hotel, Hulopoe Beach is a wide crescent of sand that has clear waters which are safe for swimming as well as excellent snorkeling and scuba diving. There is a large tidal pool that offers safe swimming for small children. Spinner dolphins can often be seen just offshore. There are shade trees, large grassy areas, and good facilities available. Along the shoreline there is a hiking trail which can be followed for miles.
FACILITIES include restrooms, showers, grills, picnic tables, camping.
LOCATED: From Lanai City take Hwy 440 south about 13 miles. At the bottom of the hill, the road ends at the beach parking lot.

Manele Bay Located next to Hulopoe Beach Park, Manele Bay is the only public boat harbor on the island. If you come by ferry from Maui, this is where you will arrive on Lanai. The ocean here is not great for swimming, but the snorkeling is wonderful.
FACILITIES: are located a short walk away at Hulopoe Beach Park, and include showers, restrooms, and picnic tables and grills.
LOCATED: Next to Hulopoe Beach Park; see instructions above.

Lopa Beach -
A great place for a picnic, a beautiful white sand beach with an expansive view of West Maui and Kaho’olawe.  The site of an ancient fishpond, the area is now popular with local surfers.  The swimming is only safe when the waters are calm because of strong currents.
LOCATED: On the East end of Lanai. From the end of Keomuku Road (Hwy 430) there is a 4 wheel-drive which you follow for 7 miles to the beach.

Polihua Beach -
Lanai beach A 1.5 mile long white sand beach which is ordinarily deserted, and offers beautiful views of Molokai Island. The swimming here is not advisable though, as the strong currents here can be dangerous. It is a beautiful spot to visit, and an adventure to just get to.
LOCATED: On the Northwest shore it is about eleven miles from Lanai City past the Garden of the Gods.

Shipwreck Beach -
Lanai Beaches If your desire is to do some beachcombing for shells and other treasures, and photographing the beautiful views of Moloka’i just across the Kalohi Channel, this 8 mile long stretch of beach is a perfect location for that. Swimming however, is not one of the activities you should ordinarily consider here due to strong currents and often rough waters. The beach is named for the ships that have grounded here, and can still be seen just offshore, rusting away.
LOCATED: On the North Shore of Lanai, 10 miles north of Lana’I City at the end of Keomuku Hwy


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