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Planning your Maui Wedding

Maui is the perfect choice for a wedding. The natural beauty and romantic feelings which overwhelm visitors here make this the ideal location for your ceremony, and your perfect honeymoon is only steps away.

Another aspect of Maui that makes it a good choice is the well established Wedding industry that has developed on this Island. You will find all you need here, and long distance planning is no problem. It is possible to make all the arrangements yourself, but by far, the best and most problem free method is to use one of the many good Wedding Coordinators on Maui. They can help make whatever wedding dreams you have come true, from a simple beach wedding to an extravagent Resort ceremony with all the trimmings that people will be talking about for years. There is a very wide range of costs for different types of ceremonies and the different locations, and it is best to shop around to find the type of wedding you want at a price you wish to pay.
To plan Your Maui Wedding, I recommend that you first read all the information here, and then you can contact any of the individual Maui Wedding Coordinators listed in the left column, or go to our complete Wedding Coordinator listing with descrpitions.

Planning your Vow Renewals on Maui

If you are already married and have an important anniversary is coming up, what greater gift to give yourselves than a Vow Renewal on Maui? Inquire with the coordinators about this, usually a Vow Renewal is less expensive than a full blown wedding ceremony. What better excuse for a vacation on Maui could there be?

Why choose Maui for your Wedding Location?

The Hawaiians have long had a saying, "Maui no ka oi", which can be translated as "Maui is the Best". Maui is like a combination of all the very best the other Islands have to offer, from long white sandy beaches to high Volcanic Mountains, lush tropical rainforest to the sunny South side where with only an inch of rain a year you are almost guaranteed blue skies and sunshine. There are numerous possibilites for the "perfect" Wedding location, as well as the "perfect" honeymoon.

When is the best time for a Maui Wedding?

Any time of the year is a good time for your Maui Wedding. the summers are less crowded which makes it more convenient for planning a beach wedding or that special private location. The busiest time is between January through April.
The weather is ordinarily gorgeous at any time of the year, but November through December is considered the "rainy season". The driest areo of Maui is the southern part around Kihei and Wailea.
In the winter, both the air and water temperatures are noticably cooler, and many beaches become narrower as the larger winter waves wash the sand out, and the more gentle summer waves bring it back in.

What are the Legal Requirements for getting Married in Maui?

The state of Hawaii has some very minimal requirements for getting married here. All you actually need is a valid photo ID and the $60 fee (payable in cash) or the license. There are no residence or citizenship requirements, and blood tests are not required. The legal age for marraige is 18, but with written consent from parents or guardians 16 or 17 year olds can marry also.
Both parties mus appear in person before the licensing agent to show ID and fill out the forms. You can save some time by printing out the forms available here and filling them out ahead of time. If you have a wedding coordinator they will usually set up an appointment with the local licensing agent for you.
A marriage license and the wedding certificate are two different things. The license permits the marriage to take place and must be obtained before the wedding, and after the wedding you will receive your wedding certificate which indicates that a legal marriage has taken place. To learn more about the requirements, you can go here to the Hawaii State Dept of Health website.

What might a Maui Wedding Cost?

The cost of a Maui Wedding can range from a few hundred dollars for a sweet and simple beach ceremony to several thousands of dollars for a larger ceremony which might include such things as a Hawaiian Minister, Wedding Flowers, photo and video packages, Hawaiian musicians, limousine, hair and makeup services, wedding cake, catered food, private location, and much more. When using a wedding planner, you can ordinarily pick exactly what you would like to have included in your ceremony, or can select from pre-arranged packages for a set price.

How can I go about choosing a Maui Wedding Coordinator?

With the large selection of Wedding Planners to choose from, it is not always easy making a final choice for such an important decision. It usually comes down to going with the one who best fits in with your idea of what your wedding should be like, as well as whether they respond quickly and completely to any questions or inquiry. Try to narrow it down to a few, and then ask for references from couples who have had ceremonies similar to what you are wanting, and also see how satisfied you are with their responses to all the other questions you may have. You can visit our list of preferred Maui Wedding Coordinators from the links at the left.


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